A Focus on the Services of Incubation Stages:

  • Diagnostic stage: Its goal is to establish the objectives and gather ideas.
  • Pre-Incubation Stage: Pre-incubation goes from the definition of innovation ideas to the elaboration of business plan.  Its goal is to validate the technical viability of the Project and to determine if there is a possible market for the product or service.
  • Incubation Stage: This stage takes place in the physical location of the incubator which will provide support and equipment. The incubation stage goes from the start-up creation, through execution phase, up to final prototype.
  • Post-Incubation Stage: It aims to scale the production process to an industrial scale, outside the incubator. This stage allows for the creation of new businesses as well as new production lines in already existing businesses. Also will provide legal and administrative support, it refers to the support needed to go through administrative steps to legally form of the project likely copyright and patent procedures.  

TARIEIC is a governmental technology incubator program hosted and powered by Electronics Research Institute (ERI).  The overall objective of TARIEIC is to contribute to the development of an innovation culture for the benefit of the Egyptian electronics industry, with a focus on the research areas of the national strategic goals and objectives such as:

  • Renewable Energy,
  • Smart Sensors
  • Environment and Food chain challenges
  • Solution to an Actual or Real Industrial/investor problem

The Incubator Program services:

  •  A comfortable space for incubation equipped with all requirements;
  • Financial Support that reaches EGP150,000 for each project;
  • Extensive training by research members of ERI and industry experts, starting  with an intensive boot camp; 
  • Mentoring and coaching from technical and researcher experts of ERI during all stages of incubation program; 
  • Access to ERI facilities, laboratories, equipment, technology tools, shared resources, training rooms and other resources and facilities; 
  • Provision of creation prototype process through technical assistance and consulting Services; 
  • Assistance & Consultancy services for marketing, governance and legal assistance through ERI’s network of internal and external experts;
  • Frequent networking events with industry leaders and eco-system partners;
  • Provision of administrative services such as HR, secretary and public relation; 
  • Provision of Electronics Management and KPI tools to optimize incubation management;
  • Support in patenting, licensing and IP through TICO; 
  • Supporting in all industrial prototype creation processes, such as manufacturing, testing, verification, accreditation and certification, packing and marketing,     through the Alliance program and through TICO partnership and collaboration

There are mainly Seven Key Tools  are provided by ERI, which generate the added value in the incubation system and that are at the basis of the core activities the incubator will undertake and of the core services it will deliver. 

Advantages the ERI introduces for incubator/start up innovators

Time Plan:

The incubation time plan will take 12 months, is divided in three primary stages, followed by post incubation stage (I year) for industrial and marketing tasks, also the beginning of next cycle will be started at the end of first phase of previous incubation cycle and will be a parallel to industrial and marketing tasks of a previous cycle.

TARIEC incubator time plane

Current Situation:

TARIEIC has been launched on 6th Feb 2017 and it is now in incubation stage with 10 startups, which will be finished on Jan 2018 then followed by the post incubation stage

Winning Startups

Winning Startups

1. Mobile Payment App (E-Wallet)

Mobile payment wallet is a mobile wallet which organizes the cash on delivery payment system for products supplier and e-commerce owners. Mobile wallet works with QR technology to pay, receive and transfer money from your home.
Also save about 4 % to 6% which e-commerce owner pay As Collection fees, we save about 50% of this fees.

2. Scientific and Industrial clustering system (SICS)

The project is simply about connecting the scientific community with the industrial community in order to provide scientific based solutions for the industrial and social community problems.

This will be accomplished by creating a portal for the industrial problems and allow the scientific community members to be notified if this problem falls within his field of science and allow him to comment and add a possible solution thus allowing science to do its role in helping the overall society to overcome its problems. This portal will also provide the possibility for mobility by creating mobile app for providing the same functionality as the portal.

3. Elevator failures detection and prediction

Modern elevators   use multiple embedded computer systems to help run the lift. These systems generate an array of data, indicating when floor buttons are pressed, when the door opens and closes how often the motors driving the lift are running and the weight being carried by the elevator car. The lift's systems also generates error or event codes, which can be read by a maintenance engineer during the next routine service and help them work out what needs attention. We plan to attach a device that collects these codes, alongside other data about the operation of the elevator, and sends them to the Azure platform every day.

4. Smart Sensors for Building Infrastructure

The Project is providing a new way to predict early most of the problems concerning the construction settlements in all its shapes (concrete building – steel constructions).
 That will open the way to a new modern world in the construction field using new techniques known based on sensors.

5. Mine Detector

The main benefit of the project is the detection of mines in a large area of ​​the desert land that can be reclaimed and used in agriculture or in the construction of facilities and factories. Also multiple detection of other metals such as gold or magnesium can be benefitted.

6. Electric generator works with heat of the Sun

Solar electric generator three projects in one (rays concentrator, solar motor and solar generator). It is a generator uses sun rays by collecting it using special collector with efficiency 99.4% which helps us to get from 800 to 2000 siliceous degree per meter square of collector size .then use this heat on modified motor to change the heat to motion by air explosion. The circular motion of motor can be used directly on machines and pumps or use it to generate electricity using generator.it can generate 20 KWH UP to 4 MWH per unit. Eco friendly it can use solar only and store on batteries to work 24 Hours a day or uses natural gas or any heat source. Simple and easy to install. Cheaper than solar panels by 70 % and more effective 3 times than it. You can also use a solar collector to vaporize water and desalination of sea water and generate electricity using steam turbines and also used for metal smelting industries, which provide energy is also an alternative for electricity and fossil fuels, petroleum and can be used in solar water heaters and heating swimming pools and the manufacture of food because one compound does not exceed $ 200 for the generation of 2000 ° C.

7. Satellite Receiver

Production of electronic circuits in different forms of voice, image and data through the local manufacturing of electronic cards from hard ware and software such as:
-  Satellite cards, surveillance camera cards, etc…

8. Smart Electricity Savers

Smart electronic devices are our target. The company will proposed a set of smart electronic devices for saving the consumed power, monitoring the devices, beside to smart sensors as light sensors for smart homes. We are also seeking for implement and fabricate some of the main components locally.
The role of the company not limited to selling products only but it will present a consulting services for industry and research & development services.

9. Mobile Base Station Antenna

Wireless technology has become as much part of our lives as have houses, cars and computers. The recent improvements of the wireless devices are driving the industrial revenues from voice centric models to data models and increasing the demand for high data rate transmission on mobile cellular systems. So mobile operators in Egypt nowadays try to provide the generation of mobile technology 4G.One of the important parts in the 4G base station is the antenna that services these applications. Such antennas cost around 300$ (including taxes, transfer and commissions). The hard currency face shortage in this time of Egypt economy.


So, we are quickly go through building a new low cost and efficient prototype antenna for not only 4G but also 2G and 3G technology.
This project will save international currency for our country especially in this very hard period of time.

10. Secure Wireless Communication System Improver

  • This project proposed prototype for Secure Wireless Communication System (SWCS).
  • The prototype uses a microcontroller technique to verify the project.
  • The security protocol obtained it by using symmetric key block cipher algorithm (Blowfish).