E- KTA (Egypt Knowledge and Technology Alliances) is a cluster of partners working across the innovation chain, focusing on the national industrial sector(s) where the main innovation actors are positioned in the driving seat for an effective technology development.
In this context, DLMEI Alliance has been established by ERI (Electronics Research Institute) with ASRT (Academy of Scientific Research and Technology) support. It includes 15 partners from key players in electronics sector in Egypt, from universities, research organizations, NGOs and industry to drive innovation and technology transfer for solving national pressing problems.  DLMEI main strategic objective is to support the national economic growth and increase the competitiveness of the research-industrial innovation cooperation in electronic sector in Egypt through manufacturing of industrial demanded electronics components/circuit boards/complete products in different demanded applications. This will grip the scientific research to be on real land and bridge the gap between research, industrial sector and the real society needs.

DLMEI targets to tackle electronic products that serve in tow main sectors, National Energy and Renewable Energy Products, as well as Electronic Sensors, these products are:

  • Smart  Meters (Electricity, Water, Gas) 
  • large scale manufacturing of tiebox  PV solar unit 
  • Microwave museum security system
  • CMOS Thermoelectric generator for electronic boards energy harvesting
  • Brain Disease Monitoring Neural Electrodes
  • Micro immunosensing biomedical cavity resonator diagnostic sensor 
  • Gas sensor for petrochemical industry

DLMEI partners:

DLMEI includes 15 partners from key players in electronics sector in Egypt, this includes:
From Research Centers: Electronics Research Institute (ERI), Egypt Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI) and Military Science and Technology Center of Excellency (STCE)  
From Universities: Cairo University, American University in Cairo (AUC), Zweil City for Science and Technology and Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)
From Industry: Arab Association for Industrialization – Electronics Factory (AOIE), Benha Electronics Factory, Military Production and Arab Company for Computer Manufacturing, Elkharafi Group (ACCM) 
From the Market SMEs: Sola company in solar systems, Bio business in medical applications and Nano Tech Egypt in pharo-electonics in biosensors 
From governmental local authority: Industrial Development Association (IDA), 
From the NGO: is ETISAL.