Deepen Local Manufacturing Electronics Industry ( DLMEI )

DLMEI targets to tackle the problem of establishing strong ponds among research centers, universities and industrial entities in order to create a network of powerful group of national competitors in electronics industry.
DLMEI includes 15 partners from key players in electronics sector in Egypt. TO drive the innovation and technology for locally solving national pressing problems in Energy and Sensors fields.
Pressing problems through 7 innovative products :

  • Smart Energy Meter .
  • Brain Disease Monitoring Neural Electrodes .
  • Large scale manufacturing of tiebox PV solar unit 
  • CMOS Thermoelectric generator for electronic boards energy harvesting
  • Micro immunosensing biomedical cavity resonator diagnostic sensor 
  • Gas sensor for petrochemical industry
  • Microwave museum security system

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Technology & Research Innovation in Electronics Industrial Community Incubator (TARIEIC )

ERI Capabilities & Facilities : There are mainly Seven Key Tools which will be provided by ERI, those keys which generate the added value in the incubation system and that are at the basis of the core activities the incubator will undertake and of the core services it will deliver .

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