About us

STPERI aims to Generate the Egyptian local electronics industry to increase our GDP through the linkage between industry & scientific research in one place

common by transferring & exchange communications services and information technology through partnership with industry sector

  • Location : in the industrial zone ,in front of Cairo Airport .
  • Total area : The area of land about 17,000 m2 , and the total area of buildings , the laboratories & the various services about 55000 m2 
  • Target industrial sectors : electronics & ICT sector 
  • Working programmes : Clean Room (620M2  ) ,    Technological incubators, The design of electronic circuits , Consulting firms in the  electronics field , The Conference Hall , The training center and       Research Departments & ERI’s laboratories  .

The Strategic Objectives of STPERI

  • Help transform scientific research to primary products .
  • Create stable mechanisms for linking the industrial sector and research bodies 
  • Help production entities and services on the application and use of advanced technology 
  • The establishment of an integrated cluster groupings in the field of electronics industry 
  • Local product development and enhance its competitiveness against foreign products similar 
  • To provide value added services and to provide a fine location and high quality & innovation 
  • facilitate the establishment and development of the existing companies

The Impact of STPERI on Economic Growth

  • Work to transfer & converting  knowledge to the output of economic return and social to provide market requirements .
  • Create new jobs and add functionality with high quality in the sectors Home-based technology
  • Provide a research base to support innovation and thedevelopment of high value-added successful, whether local or international .
  • The formation and the creation of new technology companies with  new investments in those types ( quality ) of Companies .
  • Identifying value-added strategies for partners with the work  of the scale of companies To follow up the cluster development and exports